Current guests 2019

Bariş İnce (36), is Editor-in-Chief of the popular turkish newspaper BirGün as well as a well known novel writer. In his newspaper as well as on social media channels he critizises both the Turkish regime and religiously motivated islamist groups. Link to Press release

Chomani works mainly focuses on the situation of Kurdish minorities in Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey. In Iraqi Kurdistan, he has long been considered a politically inconvenient commentator. Link to Press release

Hakan Mertcan – law scientist from Turkey

NN – Two scientists from Turkey: The post-doctoral fellows signed the petition “For Peace“ initiated by Turkish academics and were dismissed from their positions shortly after. As is the case with other university employees, they are now facing legal proceedings due to “propaganda for a terrorist organization“.



33 years Hamburg Foundation for Politically Persecuted People

The Hamburg Foundation supports politically

persecuted people who, be­cause of advocating

democracy, freedom and human rights,

find them­selves in a dangerous, often life-threatening

situation in their native countries.