Current guests 2016-2017

Nur Nobi Dulal from Bangladesh As a blogger, writer and filmmaker, he has been campaigning for the freedom of speech and women’s rights, while criticizing religious suppression and terrorism for years. For this reason, he is being threatened by Islamists and the government.
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Humayro Bakhtiyar, Tajikistan – Her research works brought Humayro Bakhtiyar to the attention of the Tajik intelligence. Her phone was tapped and her Facebook account hacked.
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Ananya Azad, Bangladesch advocates democratic reforms and fights intolerance as well as religious fundamentalism.
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30 years Hamburg Foundation for Politically Persecuted People

The Hamburg Foundation supports politically

persecuted people who, be­cause of advocating

democracy, freedom and human rights,

find them­selves in a dangerous, often life-threatening

situation in their native countries.