Congratulations for the Nobel Peace Prize 2015

Our former guest Sihem Bensedrine, chief editor of the online newspaper Kalima and founding member of the oppositional radio station Kalima, has been appointed „President of the Truth Commission in Tunisia“.
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Ananya Azad, Bangladesch advocates democratic reforms and fights intolerance as well as religious fundamentalism.
Press Release Ananya Azad
Visar Duriqi, Kosovo Since August 2014, Visar Duriqi has been receiving death threats – primarily via the social media platform Facebook.
Press Release Visar Duriqi 2015
Salah Zater, Libya „I have been on the run for so long! Now, I can finally catch my breath!“
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Receiving the Media Journalism Award by the BBC on Feb 4, 2015 in Brussels
“We will kill you” (www.spiegel.de)
Kamal Khan, Pakistan „Finally safe! Because of repeated death threats I had to change my place of residence six times.” .
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Former guests

Farida Nekzad, Afghanistan is a journalist and chief editor of the news agency „Wakht“ (Time). Due to her critical reports on national politics and local customs in Afghanistan, she has been a permanent target of extremist groups.
Tongam Rina wins the award   “Indian of the Year” 2015


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