Tongam Rina wins Indian of the Year in public service category – IBNLive
Salah Zater, Libya „I have been on the run for so long! Now I can finally take a breath!“
press release
Kamal Khan, Pakistan „Finally safe! I’ve had to change residence six times because of repeated death threats“.
press release

Azerbaijan. Leyla Yunusova arrested.

Since 30 July 2014, the Foundation’s former guest and human rights activist Dr. Leyla Yunusova is being held in custody in Baku. Together with her ally and husband, Dr. Arif Yunus, she is accused of treason and tax fraud. While both are seriously ill, they are now also faced with a prison sentence of up to 25 years. urgent action AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL PRESS RELEASE

“Prize for the Freedom and Future of the Media” 2014 goes to fighters for a pluralistic society from yesterday and today

Farida Nekzad is a journalist and former director of the news agency “Wakht“ (“Time”). Due to her critical coverage of national politics and local customs in Afghanistan, she has become a target of extremist groups. press release
Donny Reyes, Honduras
press release The coordinator of the organization LGBT Arcoiris (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Rainbow) and human rights activists have repeatedly been threatened and attacked.

Rosa Yassin Hassan
Asif Mohiuddin, Bangladesh
“I was concerned whether I was going to live or not by 57 knifes thrusts. Press.release.Asif.Mohiuddin.engl.


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